Please respect other users at all times. While using our chat, it is forbidden to:
Use profanity of any kind, behave in an inappropriate manner, and offend other users through either actions or words;
Use the nationality, religion, sex, or race of a user in an attempt to offend;
Threaten other users in any way.
Vulgar or adult behavior in chat is unacceptable. Users may not:
Display themselves in chat while naked or wearing underwear only;
Show their naked torso without also displaying their face;
Move their webcam below their chest area;
Display or flash their genitals or other intimate parts of their body;
Touch their genitals in a sexual manner, even through their clothes;
Suggest or ask other users for virtual- or cyber-sex;
Use words or phrases that may have obscene, vulgar, or sexual context;
Make gestures or take any actions that might be considered obscene.
Users of OmeTV.APP would like to see who they are talking to Strangers APP . 
Using irrelevant images or pre-recorded videos instead of showing yourself is forbidden:
Do not turn your webcam to face the screen of your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or television;
Do not face your webcam towards still pictures or any other irrelevant images;
Do not face your webcam towards any text messages, books, or other forms of written text;
Do not use any webcam emulators or other software which helps you to broadcast irrelevant images and/or video instead of yourself.
All forms of spam are forbidden from the chat. You may not, at any time:
Broadcast or display advertising images or messages;
Send any external or third party links to other users in chat;
Send bulk or repeated text messages;
Request other users to take part in or perform any actions on websites outside of OmeTV,
 such as take part in a poll, vote, visit another website etc.
Should another user violate the Chat Rules in your presence, you may:
Complain about the actions of another user along with an image and message. Based on the evidence, our moderators will make a decision on whether or not to ban the offender.
 Moderators are available to consider and react to complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays;
Should a user receive numerous complaints about the violation of Chat Rules, system bans are in place to automatically ban offenders.
 System bans take into account numerous factors to avoid unfair bans or banning users by mistake;
It is essential that if another user violates the Chat Rules or offends you in any way the issue is resolved by official complaint only.
 Do not attempt to resolve the issue by offending the other user in response or violating the Chat Rules yourself.
 If you do, you become a violator also and are eligible to get banned.
Please Note: We are continually working hard and putting a high focus on preventing any violation of our Chat Rules and to punish users who continue to breach them. 
However, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of all users and cannot guarantee that all violators will be banned. 
When you complain and report against violators, you are helping us make OmeTV a safer chat environment and helping us to find and remove all violators. 
By using our chat service, you accept and agree to the Chat Rules mentioned above. We reserve the right to change or amend these rules from time to time. 
We will attempt to notify users of such changes, however, it is the responsibility of all users on OmeTV to track these changes themselves.
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