When we miss our loved ones who are far far away from us, the only way to talk them is video chatting applications. Also, because of social distancing and pandemic lockdown, we even do not have a chance to meet our real life friends and family members. We prepared a well-resarched list of Best Video Chat Apps in 2021. Keep on reading to find out video chat applications to talk with your friends and family.

1. Google Duo

Google Duo, released in 2016, lets you make video calls in high definition (720p). One of the best features of this video chatting application, it has a low-light mode. This unique feature automatically detects lack of lightning and illuminate the face in the frame.
You can download Google Duo from App Store and Play Store. But you need to have a Gmail account to use this app. It is based on phone numbers, which means you can only video call the people on your contact list with end-to-end encryption. You can also group video chat with your friends or family, but Duo supports maximum 8 participants on group chats.

2. Facebook Messenger

This application originally developed as Facebook Chat in 2008. But in 2011, the company released a stand-alone application for messaging service. You can voice call, video call, send text, share media, stickers and GIFs on Facebook Messenger. Also it allows you to use a bunch of 3D AR effects, which will be fun to add in your photos and videos.
It is avaliable on both App Store and Play Store. You can download and use Facbook Messenger for free. In Messenger app, you are able to make group video chat with 50 people at a time. But if there is more than 6 participants in video chat, users only see the talking participant who is displayed on-screen to everyone.

3. Signal

The best app for sending and receiving high-quality messages and engaging in voice/video calls in HD is Signal. All your messages and calls are kept safe by its advanced privacy-preserving technology.
Although state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption is used by Signal, it does more than just encrypt your messages. It also virtually hides full metadata, including who sent the message. This ensures that only recipients can see who has sent them messages. In transit, the signal has no means of peeking or intercepting the packet.
You can download Signal application on your phone from App Store and Play Store for free. Also it has desktop version for both Mac and Windows.

4. Discord

The cross-platform text, audio, and video chat software specifically built for gamers is Discord. It integrates a message board, VoIP chat, and video conferencing device functionality into one tool that will not hog resources on your mobiles and desktops.
With Discord, you can launch a server and chat on any subject you can think of with like-minded people. Fully protect all your private chats, group chats, video calls, and screen shares.
You can download Discord for free on App Store and Play Store. Also it is compatible with Mac and Windows desktops.

5. JustTalk

JustTalk is a high quality video, audio, and community calling app that is free of charge. It has a simple software that allows users to make one-to-one calls for up to 50 members, or group video calls. It is simple to monitor group calls: users can mute, block new members, and expand the screen of everyone, while transmitting videos, pictures, and texts simultaneously.
The app is very secure, but less known, and includes hundreds of fun features such as doodling while on a video call, sending stickers, sharing pictures, recording calls, and playing games.
JustTalk application is avaliable on Play Store and App Store. You can download it to your mobile phone for free.

6. Viber

In some regions of the world, Viber is one of the most famous messengers, but it has always remained in the shadow of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It helps you to make crystal-clear audio and video calls and, by opening a community chat for up to 250 participants, catch up with friends and colleagues. With end-to-end encryption, all your data is secured.
To show your every emotion in chats, there are more than 35,000 stickers and endless GIFs. For every message in your conversation, you can also trigger a hidden chat with a self-destruct timer. The software automatically deletes messages from your recipient’s phone once the timer has expired.
It also helps you, with Viber Out’s low-cost international calling service, to dial landlines, cell phones, or people who do not have an internet connection.
Viber is compatible with both Android and IOS. You can download its application from Play Store or App Store.

7. Glide

Glide blends the ease of messaging with video chat expressiveness. It helps you to make fast 4G or WiFi video calls and broadcast short video clips on a live stream, in the same way as sending text messages. Before hitting send or tap to stream live, you can check your video. To make your video messages look amazing, there are plenty of unique filters.
Recipients have the right to display your video messages instantly or later and respond to them. Both messages are stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time. Overall, sharing real moments as they happen is a decent app.
Glide is avaliable on App Store and Play Store. Also it is compatible wit Apple Watch.

8. Kik

Kik is a freeware instant messaging software with features for video chat and sharing of content. It doesn’t need a phone number to sign up, unlike WhatsApp and Google Pair.
You can share messages, drawings, stickers, emoji, images, mobile web pages and start either a one-to-one video chat or a group video chat with up to six friends with only a user name as an ID. Although the app is well known for maintaining anonymity, because of its poor parental control systems and anonymity functionality, it has been criticized as unsafe for minors.
You can download Kik application on your phone from App Store and Play Store. It is compatible with both Android andd IOS.

9. Yuyyu Horoscope Match (BONUS)

Yuyyu Horoscope Chat is Artificial Intelligence based Astrology Dating App. You can find your love of life with Yuyyu because the algorithm is based on Birth Chart and 4 Elements which are Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Do you believe in astrology and it’s amazing universe? Yuyyu opens the door to the universe of discovering your soul and finding out your soulmate(s).

It’s your time to sparkle as a star and match with your darling. -Ersen KELE

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